Today in the city Berthoud 17.11.2018
Afghan army helicopter crashes, killing all 25 on board

An Afghan army helicopter crashed Wednesday in bad weather in the western Farah province, killing all 25 people on board, including the deputy corps commander of the western zone, a provincial spokesm...

It's Bitcoin's 10th Birthday. Here's What People Are Saying

Today marks bitcoin's 10th birthday. As the industry looks to where it's come from and how it has evolved, what challenges does it face for the future? Where will it be in the next 10 years?

Afghan military helicopter crash kills all 25 on board

An Afghan army helicopter carrying senior officials crashed Wednesday, killing all 25 on board, according to an official.

Elephant birds were blind, nocturnal and taller than Big Bird

You may have thought Big Bird was unrealistically gigantic, but he's still not the largest bird to ever walk the Earth. That honor goes to elephant birds, which stood 10 feet tall and roamed Madagasca...

Meet The Fox Board That Doesn't Want To Talk About Fox News’ Conspiracy-Theory Habit

The eleven members on the board of 21st Century Fox, all of whom except for one are foreign born, immigrants or have immigrant parents, have nothing to say about Fox’s latest antics.

An Air Force base just deployed this new weapon in the fight to save its expensive bombers from geese — 'bird cannons'

To combat the threat to US military aircraft posed by birds and other wildlife, Ellis Air Force Base has installed bird cannons. Four years ago, a US military helicopter crashed in the UK, killing al...

Rite Aid Shareholders Elect New Board And CEO Survives

Rite Aid shareholders elected management's board slate including controversial CEO John Standley, but defeated management's "say on pay" proposal.

The media’s orchestrated smear of Brett Kavanaugh

Buried in last week’s news cycle was a revelation that NBC sat on information that would help exonerate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and further discredit one of his accusers Julie Swetnick.

What Role Does Political Correctness Play In Corporate Board Diversity?

What role does political correctness play in board diversity? Are directors just going through the motion of adding more women due to public scrutiny? And if so, can we leverage that to move the init...

The problem with Facebook birthday fundraisers

Only Pennywise the Dancing Clown would dare to say that setting up a birthday fundraiser for, let's say, disabled kids is "bad for business". Then why am I then bothering to write a piece that suppose...

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